Holding Out For A Hero

Federales, Ferrets, and You

So after much complaining and contemplation, our heroes grudgingly agreed to help out the FBI and try to thwart an assassination attempt. Phil, our resident federal liaison to the League, came to them asking for their help in protecting the Director of the FBI, Tobias Hughes. He had some classified information (which could not be shared, because that's what classified fuckin' MEANS) that indicated that someone might attempt to disrupt the proceedings of a public forum to be held the next day, but all of his coworkers figured he was just being paranoid. Well, with literally no options left, he reluctantly turned to the League. They were picked up by Phil in an FBI-issue Suburban (cause government agents drive nothing else unless it's a Ford Fusion let's be real here) and escorted to the site of the public forum, which, due to the sheer volume of people and press in attendance, was being held at the outskirts of a public park.

The three of them got into position, with Michael choosing to perch on Winnie's shoulders instead of standing like a normal human person. Chris perched in a tree posing as a bird, and kept a bird's eye view of the whole situation. At some point, they spotted a few people moving forward towards the makeshift stage where the Director was taking questions. As the shifter revealed himself by changing his appearance where Chris could see, the rush to save people from harm began. Not gonna lie, it was chaos. At one point the shifter even shifted into a ferret, successfully escaping and eluding Chris and the others for a good long while until he shifted back to make a run for it, at which point Chris was able to jump and cuff him, which actually worked. Their prototype handcuffs actually managed to effectively shut his powers down-how long that'll last, who's to say. During the chaos of the battle, the Director was escorted off the premises, minus one agent John Joly de Lotbiniere, who was frozen to the ground by Chris. He was fine and didn't hold a grudge, but damn was that cold as fuck. As they prepared to leave, Phil asked them what exactly they were planning to do with the shapeshifter now that he was neutralized and was met with one (1) taser threat and two (2) counts of "Don't worry about it." 

Oh boy.

Oh boy.



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